New Earle Elementary School building making progress despite bad weather

Westside Fine Arts Center is coming closer and closer to being finished and the faculty, staff, and students are very excited about the new addition to their school.  Below are a few of the pictures of the inside of the building. Tate General Contractors has been wonderful to work with and we are very excited how this building is looking so close to completion.








Focus Bank is a great addition to Jonesboro, Arkansas and we are very blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful project. Focus Bank is already open, but they are hosting a open house on May 2nd that is open to the public. There will be food and prizes at this event and you can see some of our work also. Focus Bank is also giving away a Ford Fusion if you would like to stop by the branch and enter to win.  Here are a few pictures of the project throughout it’s completion process.






If you are looking for a new bank to join in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Focus Bank is a great way to go Check out their mission statement below:

To deliver exceptional financial services by seeking insight from our clients, exceeding shareholder expectations, empowering our staff to achieve personal and professional goals and making a difference in our communities.


Rabo AgriFinance is excited to be expanding to their new facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. On Thursday, April 17th at 3pm, Rabo AgriFinance will be celebrating the ground breaking and we would love for anyone to join us. We will be taking pictures and welcoming this wonderful company to Jonesboro. The ground breaking will take place at 2600 Alexander Drive, Jonesboro, Arkansas.

We are excited to be the architect on the project and have it has been wonderful working with Rabo AgriFinance. Here are a few pictures of the current work that is being done at the site right now.




About Rabo AgriFinance

The knowledgeable Rabo AgriFinance specialists are located in over 50 offices across the U.S. with a dedicated Middle Market Department to serve the needs of our largest clients. Because we’re located in the rural towns, agricultural centers and farming regions where our clients live and work, we understand their operations, their sectors, and their unique financial needs. We have the extensive background, experience, and knowledge our clients expect in an Ag lender.

It has been a long journey on the construction of the Westside Fine Arts Center and the students are ready to move in as soon as it is finished. We have been so lucky to work with a wonderful school and also a wonderful contractor, Tate General Contractors.

This is Andrew here, your CahoonSteiling Architecture Marketing Coordinator and I went to visit the construction site this past week and there has been so much done since the last time I visited. When first walking into the building, I noticed the floating ceilings in the main hallway where all the awards and work will be showcased. The Westside red color inside the main hallway will make anyone want to be a Westside Warrior. The acoustical clouds had just been placed in the building and they look absolutely phenomenal. The main auditorium has just the right amount of lighting and the stage will host many great performances from the students. I know that the students have to be so excited seeing all of the undated photos in the Facebook Group and also on our Facebook Page. I am planning to do an update video over this project very soon so you can see all of the great advancements on the project.

Being apart of one of the newest banks in Jonesboro is an awesome experience. Ramsons construction has been doing a wonderful job at making this bank look it’s absolute best. Got to go out to the bank this morning and look around but didn’t get out of the truck because I didn’t have my boots with me and it was a little to muddy. Looking from the truck though, the roof looks almost completely finished and the masonry work is just looking great. About a week ago I went inside and most of the electrical work is getting completed and plumbing is looking great too. I really can’t wait to see this bank completely constructed, the landscaping done, and the pavement poured for the parking lot. This bank is a great addition to Stadium Boulevard in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Weather has been a big issue for all construction projects in Northeast Arkansas but CNI has not slowed down since they started. I was visiting there this morning and noticed that the roof is getting placed on the building and looks as if it should be done before long. Also, the interior of the building is starting to come together as the electrical and plumbing are being placed. While I was out there today, I saw a small sample of the masonry work that will go on the building and this masonry work matches the Heritage Bank look. This new Heritage Bank location is located past Hilltop in Jonesboro, AR and will be a great location for the growing area.

The weather hasn’t been easy on Tate General Contractors, Inc. as they continue to work on the fine arts center at Westside schools in Jonesboro, AR. Metal studs continue to go up and concrete sidewalks are being poured at the fine arts center. When I was there just this morning, there were many muddy areas that the workers were having to sludge through as they make their way to do some of the interior work on the building. Right now, there are a lot of electrical and plumbing work being done and the large auditorium area is still getting the metal studs placed due to a small severe weather accident last week during a night when the wind got to blowing a little too hard. The construction is looking great and this is going to be  a wonderful addition to the school.

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